A Crack In The Earth

f14, ISO100, 1/4s, 17mm on a Canon 60D

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My wife does not get enough credit for my photography. Most of the time, I know where I want to go with an image, but sometimes there’s something missing and she does a great job giving me her opinion in the matter, but she only does it if I ask. She’s awesome! And in some cases, like this one, she can call up a pretty cool title for an image! When I showed this to her yesterday afternoon, she said it, “looked like a crack in the earth.” Perfect! Thanks Laura!

Historically, February and March are the biggest months for snow for this area and February is trying not to let its end of that claim down. We haven’t had a lot of snow, but it’s been pretty constant of late, so a freshly snow covered lake was something I expected to see early yesterday morning. What I didn’t expect to see was water – even the rivers stay froze here until into March and April. It’s likely someone opened this little portion up for the wildlife, but I still didn’t expect to see it and was happy at the opportunity to point the camera at it!

The water seemed so fresh and clean, you could almost ‘feel’ it breathing! I wanted to get down closer to it and take utmost advantage of the beautiful reflection, but the ice already being busted open kept my big ol’ butt on short banks next to the pond. Even at this angle though, the reflection was quite nice. The animals obviously love it, too, with their footprints to and from the little pond as evidence!

I’d like to think that water scenes like this one would start becoming more available, but we’re still a month or so away from that realistically. Last year spring came in March and was wonderful, but that’s not the norm and I’m not getting my hopes up. The Minnesota winter is not one to be too forgiving, especially two years in a row!

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  • I so love that reflection and how you framed this image. There is a nice amount of depth without it blasting out at you.

    • Jim

      Really appreciate that Chris!

  • Yup…terrific title but really fantastic capture Jimmy. I love the way you’ve composed this.

    • Jim

      Thank you Edith!

  • Great composition Jim! Love the reflection as well! Well done!

    • Jim

      Thanks Rich!

  • Really lovely shot Jimmy!! The comp and reflections are gorgeous!!! 🙂

    • Jim

      Thanks Rachel, appreciate that!

  • Reflections are among my favorite things to photograph, and this is a fantastic one! Love everything about this image, including the footprints.

    • Jim

      Those footprints are pretty cool! Thanks Erin!

  • Perfect title for a great composition, Jim (and Laura)!

    • Jim

      Thanks from both of us Mark!

  • Awesome POV and reflections Jim, Great title too (Laura)

    • Jim

      Thanks Chris!

  • I really like this one Jim, nice work

    • Jim

      Thanks Wiz!

  • This is totally fabulous! Love the mirror reflection from the trees! This is awesome in b&w, my friend, very dramatic. Terrific image!

    • Jim

      You are far too kind Toad – thanks!

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  • Meredith

    That photo is simply amazing. The reflection of the trees is a bit blury, have you been using long exposure? Doesn’t matter, I simply love it. I’m a big fan of reflection in photography, weather a mirror, glass, window, river, lake or building is used. I especially adore when the reflected object is devided into pieces like in this reflection on a skyscraper . Have you tried anything similar?

    • Jim

      Thanks for the kind words Meredith! I’ve seen that type of reflection many times, but have not done much of it myself.