Abstract Fun!!

Jerry and I normally have fun when we get out taking pics together, but Christmas Eve afternoon proved to be a little more fun than normal. We were walking around the back of Mom’s property and there was still some color left in the bright orange leaves hanging on some of the trees. There was one particular spot where the orange was nice and heavy, and we both got the idea to try some abstract shots, which is quite surprising being that neither of us take many abstract shots. Before long, we were giggling and saying things like, “Cool!” and “Awesome!” Here are my favs from the fun!

f/32, 4 sec, at 50mm, 100 ISO, on a Canon EOS 60D

The key, at least in these shots, was to combine a long exposure with either camera movement or zooming the lens in and out. This first pic involved a 4 second exposure where I moved the camera from the ground up while the sensor was grabbing the data. I love the painting-like feel to it and the contrast from the bright sky to the darker colored tree at the bottom.

f/32, 1.6 sec, at 50mm, 100 ISO, on a Canon EOS 60D

This image involved the use of a tripod to keep the camera still during the long exposure. The process was to zoom out and focus on the tree in the center of the frame. Push the shutter release and as soon as the shutter opens, gently zoom the lens out until the shutter closes. Zooming out too fast seemed to blur everything where the slower zooming allowed some of the focus to stay on the tree while everything else gets the radial blur. Cool, but don’t look at it long, it can make a bit woozy!

The idea for these pics was triggered from reading Doug Chinnery’s article in Andrew Gibson’s ebook Slow – The Magic of Long-Exposure Photography through Craft and Vision. It made me realize that not all long exposure needs to involve fast moving clouds or water – it can involve just about anything if you let your imagination take you there. If you’re into long-exposure photography, I highly recommend this book!

Another great spot for ideas and inspiration for long-exposure photography is the new Google+ Community aptly named Long Exposure Photography. Check it out!

Next time you’re out, give these techniques a try – if nothing else, you might have some fun you weren’t expecting to have! Have a great weekend everybody!

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  • I LOVE them!! That first shot is my fave! truly a work of ART!! WOW!

    • Jim

      Thank you Kerri – glad you liked them! They sure were fun to make!

  • Dude, that first shot belongs in a horror movie. So diggin it!

    • Jim

      It is kind of haunting isn’t it? Thanks bud!

  • Terrific abstracts Jim. I really need to start shooting these next year. Have a great New Year my friend.

    • Jim

      Thanks Len – hope you have a great 2013 also!

  • Awesome! These are very cool!

    • Jim

      Thanks Bob!