Battling The Sun

f/18, 25 sec, at 17mm, 100 ISO, on a Canon EOS 60D

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 Yesterday was The Un-Winter, today we go back to the winter we know and…well, love, in Minnesota. The video camera at church was calling my name on Saturday afternoon, but the light from the numerous clouds in the sky was just too tempting, so I left a bit early and went down to Ravine Park and stood on a frozen lake while the temperatures were hovering around 10F and a breeze that could gust to 30 mph. It was just plain cold! Couldn’t let that stop me though – the cloud movement was too good to miss!

This is the Ravine Lake, at the heart of the park. There’s a pier just behind me – I’m actually standing on it to take this shot – and one lonely ice fishing shack just past it, otherwise, it was just me, the frozen lake and that dad gum wind! In this image, you can see that the water level prior to freezing was down a bit, exposing some of the logs, stumps and grasses that normally would be under water – what was a worry in the fall now lends itself to my photography!

The time was about 1:30 in the afternoon, so the sun was still high and bright, but the cloud cover was enough to diffuse most of it, which turned out to be quite nice! The clouds were also moving rapidly, which was perfect for the black glass! Even shooting in the direction of the sun, I was able to get a 25 second exposure at f18. Nice! The title of the post was based around what seemed to be a battle raging as the clouds were doing everything they could to hold the sun back, but the sun, even though diffused, would not be denied!

I was out there for about 40 minutes and it took a little while for my legs to thaw out at church. Even so, it was still a huge amount of fun and worth every freezing minute out there!

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  • Glad you didn’t completely freeze! This is great, Jim! I love the contrast and all those different textures! 🙂

    • Jim

      Thank you Erin! Surprisingly, my legs were all that was cold, mainly because jeans don’t block the wind very well!

  • My toes are numb just looking at this. I like the contrast and textures in that grass!

    • Jim

      It was cold! Thanks bud!

  • Love the detail in the foreground. Thank you Mother Nature for the dry fall which exposed these interesting bits and pieces.

    • Jim

      Exactly! Thanks Mark!

  • To think I got cold sitting by the river for an hour last night.
    Great shot Jim, love the texture and detail on the logs in the foreground

    • Jim

      Chris, cold is a relative term my friend – you were likely just as cold as I was! Thanks my friend!

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