Bridge to Minneapolis

f/14, 1/8 sec, at 25mm, 100 ISO, on a Canon EOS 60D, HDR, 3 Exposures (0, -1EV and -2EV)

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Happy Friday everybody! This scene presented itself as I was hurrying back to my car on New Year’s Eve after taking the Boom Island Lighthouse image here. My feet were terribly cold, but I could not help myself. The beautiful light on the Minneapolis skyline behind this walking bridge convinced me to take the picture.

I tried getting this shot in one frame, but the sky would not cooperate. Fortunately, the autodetect feature in Magic Lantern only selected to take 3 exposures: 0, -1 and -2 EV. I absolutely love this function for HDR bracketing – what a time and space saver! Without it, this would have been a minimum of 5 exposures, but most likely 9 due to the AEB function on my Canon camera (you can see what I’m talking about in my Current Photographer article here).

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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  • Kerri

    Now that’s definitely a shot you couldn’t pass up! Hope your toes survived :)
    Amazing image as always!

    • Jim

      Thank you Kerri – very sweet of you to say! My toes are fine!

  • Mark Neal

    Nice shot, Jim. Looks pretty cold.

    • Jim

      Thank you Mark, and it was!

  • Jimi Jones

    Very pretty shot with a great leading line, Jim. That flag is showing there was a stiff breeze. :)

    • Jim

      Thanks Jimi! the breeze wasn’t that strong, but very cold!

  • Chris Maskell

    Love the blue tones Jim, worth the frostbite and loss of toes I’d say

  • LensScaper

    I like the composition. It looks rather cold from where I’m sitting.