f/10, 1/100 sec, at 70mm, 100 ISO, on a Canon EOS 60D

In my ramblings around St. Paul, I can’t think of a better place to sit, think, paint, whatever. This lady agrees with me I’m sure, at least on this September day she did. She was actually painting, but only when the camera was not focused on her, even though I’m sure she had no idea when it was.

The location here is the Mounds Park in St. Paul, a beautiful park built around some sacred Indian Mounds which were pretty much directly behind the camera, overlooking the Mississippi River. I’ve taken a few other skyline pics of St. Paul from Mounds Park, but from a point just a bit further up the road – this spot, the majority of the park, was totally unknown to me until after the St. Paul Classic (posts here and here) which took a route through it. For me, the park itself is not so picturesque, but this scene I liked.

The EXIF data shows the use of an f10 aperture here. My intent was to use my 70-200 telephoto lens to compress the scene, which it did nicely, but while editing the image, the cityscape drew my attention away from the lady, who was the main focal point. To combat this, the image was loaded into Focal Point and a planar focus plain was applied only to the lady and a slight blur to the rest of the image. This really helped bring her to attention. The black and white conversion was applied in Aperture by way of the Ilford HPs+ VSCO Film preset, with a few tweaks.

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  • Aptly titled Jim. Very nice place to sit and solve the world’s problems.

    • Jim

      Thanks Len!

  • Interesting visual effect, Jim. Nice!

    • Jim

      Thanks Mark!

  • You know, it will almost be warm enough to do that here today. Sadly, it is all kinds of rainy and crappy out and then tomorrow the temps tank yet again. Mpls is such a pretty city!

    • Jim

      We need to take advantage of the warmer weather whenever we can bud! Thanks!

  • Nicely done Jimmy.

  • Very nice Jim! Great capture!

  • Very cool shot Jim!