Footprints in the Snow

f5.6, ISO100, 1/13s, 17mm on a Canon 60D

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I’m no tracker, but I think these are deer tracks walking out past this stump onto the Ravine Lake at the Ravine Park in Cottage Grove, MN. Not sure what she was after either – not much out here but stumps and sticks. She could have just been out for a walk and wanted her footprints to be the first in the fresh snow. Sounds good to me! It really is a beautiful spot on days like this one – no wind, warm (warm for a MN winter anyway) and freshly snow covered. It can almost feel like nothing else is alive back here.

This image has been processed numerous times in the last two days, but it was the last one, about twenty minutes before posting, that I liked the best. I wanted a softer feel and limited contrast so a glow effect was applied in Perfect B&W then a Gold and Iron Blue toner, with the iron blue slightly modified. Added a slight planar blur to the background in Focal Point and a darker gradient mask to the background in Photoshop Elements. That’s it. It was enough, but not too much IMHO.

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  • Wow, that’s serenity at its finest! I can almost hear the muffled sounds that snow creates. Great stuff, Jim! 🙂

    • Jim

      Thank you Erin! It is quite the setting!

  • It is amazing this wide open area was not already used by snowmobilers. Such a quiet and lovely setting!

    • Jim

      Don’t think the snowmobiles are allowed in the park Chris, thus the lake stays pretty calm, minus the occasional ice-fisherman!

  • Love snow shots Jimmy and this is no exception. Peaceful, serene with the leading line of the deer trail. Cool

    • Jim

      Thanks Chris – glad you like them!