Little Shack on the Prairie

f13, ISO100, 25mm, 1/125s, HDR, 5 Exposures (0EV to +4EV)

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As much as I dislike business travel anymore, it does lend me opportunities to take pictures of scenes and things that other wise would not be available in the Twin Cities. Even scenes that are similar to what we might see in the Midwest are not exactly the same, which makes them a bit special. Such is the case in today’s image taken somewhere between Nacogdoches and Houston, Texas (don’t recall exactly where I was).

It’s about 125 miles between the two cities and is a relatively easy drive, most of it at a 65 MPH speed limit. That’s about the speed I was traveling when this shack caught my eye on the northbound side of the highway. It took about 2 seconds for the decision to turn around took hold, so I did, which is not the easiest thing to do in 65 MPH traffic, either stopping or merging back into the traffic on the other side, but it was worth it. The flat, grassy field with just a hint of clouds on the horizon was perfect surrounding for the shack, resting very peacefully in the middle of it all.

This is a tone mapped image, as the light was pretty harsh being at around high noon on a sunny day. After the tone mapping, my vision was for a somewhat muted, vintage look, which I was able to find in the new VSCO Film Aperture 2 presets from Visual Supply Company. This particular preset was the Kodak Portra 400NC ++. Some fine tuning with the VSCO Film Toolkit, some selective burning and a vignette finish it up!

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  • The muted colors really suit this image, Jim. I do not think it would work anywhere near as well using today’s super-saturated look.

    • Jim

      Thanks Mark and I agree, that’s why I went that way! Appreciate your feedback!

  • Got to agree with Mark here, the muted colour really works well with this image Jim. Nice shot, worth the turn around.

    • Jim

      Thanks Chris!