My Christmas Wish

As Team Denham (that’s what we call ourselves) will start their annual Christmas-time trek south to Tennessee tomorrow to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, I’ve decided to make this my last post until after Christmas. As result, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays if you do not celebrate Christmas. I’d also like to share a couple of things with you until we meet again: a few pics of my son posing for our Christmas Card images, and my wishes for this holiday season – this is where it gets a bit over the top, so if you’d prefer to just look at the pics of Sammy, I’m OK with that.

One wish is that we as a people would be more tolerant of the opinions and ideas of others. I’ve noticed throughout the year that discussions and comments on articles related to politics (makes sense in an election year) and religion are downright hateful, even threatening at times. It’s totally normal to disagree and have differing opinions, but I can’t think of a topic that’s worth treating anyone the way folks have been treating each other. It truly saddens me. Disagree, but be respectful. Be tolerant of other opinions – you’d be surprised what you might learn if you truly listen to them, and who knows, you might actually make a friend in the process.

I also wish that we would laugh more. I love laughter and laughing – no matter what might be weighing on my brain or heart, if I can muster at least a giggle, things tend to even out. One comedian, and I can’t remember who it was, said his motto was, “Make them laugh, either at you or with you.” I love that motto – too many folks are troubled when people laugh at them. Why? Are we so serious that we can’t laugh at ourselves? I hope not. I do it all of the time, but that’s likely because there’s a lot of material there!

This coming weekend, spending at least parts of it with my brothers and sister, will yield plenty of discussions and plenty of laughter. I wish more people could experience the family experience that I have and have had. We’re not perfect mind you and there’s tension at times, but we do love each other and Christmas just isn’t the same unless there’s some time with the family.

One final thing before signing off for a few days – my church, Crossroads Church in Woodbury, MN, promises to have an amazing Christmas weekend. My one regret in going south for the holiday is that I won’t get to attend – people will be moved and lives will be changed. I’d like to extend an invitation to you and your family to attend one of the 7 services – 1 Saturday afternoon, 2 Sunday morning, or 4 on Christmas Eve. To learn more, click here.

From Team Denham, we wish you the best of holiday seasons, whatever holiday you observe, or don’t observe. May your family be blessed and may there be lots of laughter wherever you are. Be kind, and be tolerant.

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  • Terrific sentiments Jim. I couldn’t have said them better. Great shots too. Have a great Christmas.

    • Jim

      Thank you Len – Merry Christmas!

  • Rebekah Owens

    I think that is a wonderful Christmas wish. Your son is so cute . May your family have the very Blessed Christmas always and many more. Have tons of fun feeling the spirit of love & happiness. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photograph.
    God Bless, Rebekah

    • Jim

      What a wonderful contribution to the blog Rebekah – Thank you!

  • Beautiful sentiments, post and images Jimmy. These images brought a smile to my face as there’s nothing more infectious then the smile and laughter of a child. Your Sammy, with that mischievous look (especially in the second image) reminds me of my Sammy (who is 17 already). Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

    • Jim

      Always good to produce smiles! Thank you Edith, I really appreciate your continued input! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • A magnificent post today, Jim. May we all laugh more while finally embracing the differences that make us all unique humans. Safe travel to you and yours, and have a great Christmas.

    • Jim

      Indeed Chris – variety is the spice of life! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • Very nice post Jim! Have a great trip! Merry Christmas!

    • Jim

      Thanks Rich! Merry Christmas!