Not Enough Cover

f10, ISO100, 13s, 17mm, on a Canon 60D

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What started out as a pretty snowy winter season has turned out to be pretty disappointing, up to this point, from a snow perspective. A couple of big time snow storms back December were, for the most part, washed away by rain in early January. Yeah, rain. Since then, we’ve only gotten a couple inches here and there – not enough to keep the ground covered anyway. That could change because February and March have historically been our biggest snow months, and as the temperatures increase during this time, the snow becomes that heavy, wet kind that they refer to as ‘heart attack snow’ – you don’t want to have to shovel it!

For me, the half coverage of snow makes for some photo ops, like today’s image. It was taken in the lot next to my workplace, the same spot as October Gold. The tall grass was still high enough and strong enough to fend off the snow and keep its blades exposed, giving a nice contrast between it and the remaining snow on the ground. I’d been holding off taking this pic until the sky was in good form – until this day! The clouds were moving quite nicely and added just a bit more to the scene. Maybe too much, I don’t know. I like them in there!

Also with this image came some experimentation with some new processing techniques, primarily using the gradient tool to mask in exposure adjustments and a vignette. Still learning here, but for this image, it helped me to balance out the exposure in a simple and clean manner. Will keep you updated on any progress!

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  • The cloud movement definitely adds a bit of drama here. For me it also enhances the cold feeling! Great as always, Jim.

  • Love the contrast and tones in this shot Jim! Well done!

  • I think the clouds are just right, they add great drama and impact into the scene and the foreground is just right. Great shot