Out of The Frozen River

f9, ISO100, 17mm, 240s, on a Canon 60D

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Actually had a first in my photography career last week. I walked on the Mississippi River to take a photograph. Of course, it was frozen, but nonetheless, I walked on it!

Minimalistic images are not something I take a lot of, but this one was obvious to me for some reason. I loved the vastness and cold it represents. The key (IMHO) was to get close enough to the branch to give it some emphasis but also be high enough to show the distance between it and the next anything on the river.

I love taking these cold images, but, to be honest, I’m ready for spring. Thankfully, the rat in Pennsylvania did not see his shadow, so maybe it will be here soon!

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  • You achieved the minimalist effect wonderfully here, my friend! And I love that you had to walk on water to get it–how many people can claim that? Great work as always. 🙂

    • Jim

      Thanks Erin – honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but being a southern boy at heart, I still have trouble trusting the ice to hold up my big old butt! Appreciate your comments!

  • Dude, I am so ready for spring. This cold to colder weather is just so blah. Also, snow and freezing rain, yeah, I’m so ready for life to return!

    • Jim

      No kidding! Temps are supposed to warm up a bit here…to the upper 20s and lower 30s. Since when did that become ‘warm’? Thanks bud!

  • Sweet shot Jim! I agree, totally ready for spring! After Christmas and New Years, I’m usually done with winter! It’s just not done with us yet!

    • Jim

      Thanks Rich – my biggest fear, and one that has been realized in the past, is that this Minnesota winter lasts until April. It would be totally depressing! Come on Global Warming!

  • Nice work, I am usually not very good at these minimalistic shots, you nailed them

    • Jim

      Thanks Wiz!

  • Another great shot Jim, I love this style