Reflection on Buffalo Bayou

f18, ISO100, 17mm, HDR, 6 Exposures on a Canon 60D

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The water of the Buffalo Bayou in Houston was quite high on the afternoon of my last visit. That made it hard to get down to the water due to normal access being flooded over, but along with the high elevation was also a wonderful, calming stillness, which made for nice reflections. Photographers and reflections mix pretty well from what I’ve seen!

My nerves were a little on edge standing where I was – the ground didn’t seem as ‘together’ as I would have preferred, but we do what we have to do and I liked this view a lot, so it was worth a little nerve tingling. The building on the hill is the Sabine Street Lofts, apartments homes produced from what is likely a totally renovated old factory. Sabine Street runs right up to the lofts and is represented in the bridge to the far left of the frame. Both the building and the bridge have a worn, antique feel to them and make for a pretty cool scene, especially nestled above the bayou with its green grass, colorful trees and park-like setting. Couple in the reflection and you have a beautiful scene that I really enjoyed taking in.

Hope you enjoyed the brief escape to warmth in today’s image!

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  • Man, send me here for a week or so. It looks so nice and warm, unlike that freezing rain and crap falling outside my window right now.

    • Jim

      I know what you mean bud. It was about 64F that afternoon – no coat. Come one spring!

  • Great colours Jimmy and love the reflections

  • Nice Jim, I like the mix of reflections and shadows on the hill, nice