The Fan

F11, ISO1600, 1/25s, 17mm, Canon 60D

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Welcome back to the blog folks and I hope you had a wonderful holiday, I know I did! The trip south was long, but otherwise uneventful, which is good! With any trip south, my brother Jerry and I try to always schedule at least one trip to stretch the cameras’ legs and for us to just be together for a while, and with this trip, we got two! One was to the Paris Landing Marina on Sunday morning and the other was simply out my mom’s back door on Monday. Both were a blessing to us, but personally, I really enjoyed the walk at Mom’s! We had a blast exploring the grounds and even played around with some abstract stuff, which was a boat load of fun!

Today’s image was from the walk at Mom’s. There’s a couple of things you need to understand about the grounds we were walking on. First, the land’s been in my mom’s family for quite some time and at one time, the folks around these places believed it was OK to have a dump on the premises. If something was no longer useful, instead of taking it to a dump, you just created your own – as long as it was far enough away that you could not see it, it was fine. Second, my mom had just hired some loggers to come out and harvest some of the timber on the property. Good money for her, but it left a bit of a mess, both in the knocked down trees all over the land and also in digging up some of the garbage that was dumped on the grounds years ago.

I’m pretty sure we used to sit in front of this fan when we were kids visiting my grandmother. Could you imagine setting your kids in front of a fan with an open side? My, how times have changed! I loved how the knocked over trees seemed to be reaching out to the fan, or even seemed to be a wave that the fan was riding out of the forest! Will share more from both trips in the next couple of days – really glad in getting to spend time with my brother. It was awesome!

Apparently, Santa thought I was a good boy and left the onOne Perfect Photo Suite 7 upgrade in an email on Christmas morning! Really excited about the upgrade and will be sure and let you guys know how the suite works, especially the Perfect B&W! Hope you had some cool stuff under the tree as well!

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  • Great image. I like e way the eye is led to the background by the branches, the mosty feel to it is cool too.

    Great shot.

    • Jim

      Thanks Mark – appreciate the comments!

  • Great shot Jimmy. looking forward to seeing what you do with the new software next year.

    • Jim

      Thanks Chris!