Visions of The Red Planet

f/14, 30 sec, at 17mm, 100 ISO, on a Canon EOS 60D

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If there was a benefit for my caution in climbing down the Tidepool cliffs of Point Loma, it was that the time I spent on the cliffs forced me to look around my surroundings if I was going to find interesting compositions to photograph, being that the obvious interests lay down the cliffs and many feet away. All it took was a simple turn around to find something interesting – the textures and formations in the cliffs behind me. The power of water is truly amazing and really shows up in these rocky cliffs.

My vision here was to combine the diverse and interesting rock formations with cloud movement in a long exposure to produce an image that could rival what it might look like on the surface of Mars. A black and white conversion in Aperture with a red tint helped get there, at least in my mind it did! What an awesome place to see!

Overcoming my fears of climbing down these cliffs is something I’m terribly proud of, but I’m glad that in the time it took to convince myself to make the climb, my eyes were still looking for something to point the camera at – keep looking!

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  • Those textures are fantastic! I love the processing here too–it works well with the bleak landscape. Great work, Jim! 🙂

  • This is just great Jim, love everything about it

    • Jim

      Thanks Chris! Appreciate that!

  • Great effect, Jim. It does look kinda other worldly.

    • Jim

      Thanks Mark!