Yet To Fall

f14, ISO100, 13s, 17mm in a Canon 60D

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The 3 to 4 inches of fresh snow that greeted my commute to work on Thursday morning was, at least initially, a big pain in the butt! The last several days had been a bit warmer than normal and any snowfall tends to be the heavy, wet kind, which causes all kinds of issues with the roads, at least until the sun gets up, traffic gets heavier and the snow melts off. But as the Oakdale McDonald’s (where I take care of my morning blogging and such) drew nearer and the light was just starting to turn, the snow started to change from being a pain to being something special. Being wet, it was clinging beautifully to the trees…all of the trees…and created these dreamlike winter scenes that happen only a couple of times during the season.

Fortunately, there was little wind accompanying the snow, so, as answer to a small prayer of mine, it hung around until lunchtime where I could get out with the camera. With limited time, I chose Sun Fish Lake Park as the spot – it was close, a bit out of the way and an all natural setting. The time, even had it not produced a single image, was well worth it as the temperature was comfortably warm and the snow that had built up on the trees was starting to fall, creating this fairytale like atmosphere. It was breathtaking! Really!

The beauty did not come without its troubles – like the snow falling from the tree tops on me and my gear. Getting an image without spots was downright lucky! We press on though because there are pictures to be made, like this one. The snow clung differently to each tree depending on the type of branches and evergreen cones and needles they had. In this image, a lower hanging branch from one type of evergreen was holding onto a LOT of snow, while the taller trees were shedding their snow. It was a beauty little piece of the whole pie.

Below is an image I shared yesterday on my social networks – it was taken a few feet down the path from the pic above. Some of these paths at Sun Fish are literally covered by the trees and on days like this one, they make for quite the scene!

Have a great weekend everybody and remember to laugh more!

f/8, 1/100 sec, at 39mm, 100 ISO, on a Canon EOS 60D

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  • Gorgeous tones. I shot a similar snowy scene recently while in Northern IL:

    • Jim

      That is a beautiful image Chris – thanks for the kind words my friend!

  • Killer Jim, that second image is magical! Great stuff!

    • Jim

      Appreciate that Wiz! Have a great weekend!

  • Jim these are incredible. Really killer shots.

  • Absolutely gorgeous. I must admit, I’m a bit jealous of that beautiful snow. It does make for nice photography and you capture it wonderfully. 🙂

  • Cool shots Jim! Great work! Really like that 2nd shot man!

  • Great black and whites, Jim! You knocked these out!

  • What a wonderful winter wonderland. Great shots, especially the second one, Jim.