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Thanks for visiting the site and checking things out! I always struggle with About Me pages as I'm not sure what folks really want to know. Here's short and sweet, I'm a happily married man (Laura) since May 23, 1992 and the proud father of a miracle boy named Sam.

It's Sam's fault that this photo obsession hit - when he got too big and too fast for me to keep up with him, there had to be new means of catching up with him other than me sprinting (it's really an ugly site). So a new camera with a super zoom lens was purchased and along with it came a free class on the basics of digital photography. It seemed to set well with me some experimentation and research ensued and it's there that I learned about HDR photography. Once I tried it, I was hooked!

That was roughly the end of 2009 and I've been obsessed with the shutter button ever since! As with any photographer, the styles, techniques and compositions change, but the passion to make beautiful art has not. This site is where I store my latest work, as well as the early stuff that cuts at least the surface of the mustard. Long exposure photography is really my style of choice right now (2017), but any type of landscape and fine art get the blood boiling!

My photographic journey started in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and migrated to West Tennessee in 2014, with my latest stop being the town of Lexington - it's located just about half way between Memphis and Nashville just to the east of The Tennessee River and right in the middle of the Natchez Trace State Park. The park and town are surrounded by several man made lakes which have served as great inspiration for the creative eye!

For the gear heads, I shoot with the Sony A7II mirrorless system, as well as Pentax 645 medium format film. For digital work, I use the Lee Filter System with the most important kit being the Big Stopper 10-stop neutral density filter - the black glass! It fuels the long exposure images that make up the majority of my latest work!

That's pretty much me, at least mostly. Feel free to drop me a note on the Contact Me page if you have any questions or just want to connect. And, feel free to browse around the site and check out the content - also feel free to let me know what you think, good or bad. 

Thanks again!