Almost Missed - jimdenhamphoto

Sony A7II | Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 | f/11 | ISO 50 | 1/25 | 24mm

That bed sure was comfortable this morning. Didn't really want to get out of it, but the Weather Underground app said it was partly cloudy and as grey as it has been around here, the thought of catching some sunrise beauty really hit me. Problem was, it was already 6:30 AM and sunrise was scheduled for just shy of 7 AM, so catching the good light was virtually impossible, right?

Well, yes, but still worth a try. So I packed up quickly and headed to Maples Creek Lake on the north end of the Natchez Trace State Park in Carroll County. Upon arrival, I could see the sky blowing up and rushed to get parked, grabbed the gear and got out to the spillway quickly. For some reason, even though I'd done everything in my power to miss the light, and the shot, I was rewarded. Not worthy, but very grateful!

This was the second shot taken. Could have stopped there, but didn't. Hope to have a couple more to share, but nothing like this. This deserved first dibs!