God's Paint Brush - jimdenhamphoto

Sony A7II | Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 | f/22 | ISO 50 | 3.2 seconds | 51mm

Photography can make you see things in a different way. You're always looking for a composition and seeing things through the viewfinder, either the one on your camera or the one behind your eyes. In most cases, this is a good thing. You see things most people won't see, or think to even look for. However, there are times that it keeps you from seeing the obvious. The things that are so plain in your face sometimes go unnoticed.

During my shoot Sunday morning at Lake Graham in Jackson, TN, I decided to do a Facebook Live video and share with folks what was going on. It was certainly worth sharing, but as I was videoing, I realized that even though I had shot the sky previously, I hadn't truly SEEN the sky. The clouds were incredible, as if God had a paint brush and was making these beautiful strokes across the sky. I was so busy looking for great compositions that I had almost totally missed the amazing beauty in front of me.

Thankfully, I didn't miss it, with or without the camera.