Greenbrier - Luminar 3.02 - jimdenhamphoto

Sony A7II | Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 | f/11 | ISO 50 | 1.6 seconds | 28mm

When I upgraded to Luminar 2018 last year, it was with the understanding that at some point in time, a digital asset manager would eventually accompany the editing portion of the software. The editing part was quite powerful and flexible, but I was having frustrations with Adobe Lightroom and was anxious in finding a replacement for it, and if that would also include a replacement for Photoshop, OK then.

By the time Skylum shipped Luminar 3 with the DAM piece late last year, whatever was wrong with Lightroom had for the most part fixed itself and the need was not as strong, but I was still interested in giving it a go. Much to my dismay, Luminar 3 was slow, clunky and would crash any time I tried to open a previously edited image. It was terribly disappointing. I moved on.

A month or so ago, I purchased a new Mac Mini with 16GB of RAM - my previous machine had only 8 and I was bumping up against it constantly no matter what software I was using, so the 16GB was badly needed. Once in place, I gave Luminar 3 another go, but it was still clunky and disappointing.

While scrolling around YouTube this morning, I saw video title concerning a Luminar update. Being a person of second, and third, chances, I thought I'd give it one more try. After downloading and installing version 3.02, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at how much faster and responsive the software was. I pulled in my 2018 images and grabbed one taken in Greenbrier in The Smoky Mountains from our NXNW trip last November and put it through the paces of editing and exporting. It was awesome and quite surprising, especially the ability to upload directly to my SmugMug site!

It's still a ways from me saying goodbye to Adobe, well, I think it is. As I do more, we'll see, but now I am very encouraged by the steps Skylum has taken to make this software work. I'll keep you updated!