Jurrassic Barn - jimdenhamphoto

Sony A7II | Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 | f/8 | ISO 200 | 1/80 second | 31mm

No, it doesn't look that old, but it does look like it could have been in one of the Jurassic Park movies. You know, on the old abandoned park island where all of the plant life had taken over the buildings. I loved the way the weeds hung from the the barn door - it just looks awesome! Well, it's an old barn, so it looks awesome anyway, but yeah!

And I almost missed it. My mind was set in heading to a certain spot a mile or so ahead but had to make a u-turn at the next road once seeing this great structure out my car window! I used to do a lot more of that, especially when living up in Minnesota. Almost all of the back roads had shoulders so pulling off and taking pics had very little risk to them. Here in West Tennessee, your lucky if there's any land at all on the right side of the road to pull off, so it's not near as safe. Fortunately, this one had it's own little drive in front, so no worries!