The Dawn Wall - jimdenhamphoto

Sony A7II | Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 | f/8 | ISO 200 | 1/125 second | 24mm

As the name would indicate, The Dawn Wall is the side of El Capitan that the sun's rays hit first as it rises above the Sierras in the east. This wall of rock is kind of split in two by what's called The Nose, which you can see some of to the left of the image - as you travel down from the peak, the slope changes, jutting outwards away from the original slope - that's The Nose. It separates the West Face from the The Dawn Wall, or the east facing wall.

Being the virtual center of the climbing universe, climbers have established many routes to the top of this wall. Up until 2015, however, no one had ever 'free climbed' The Dawn Wall - that's when Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson made history by doing so, taking 19 days while living in port-a-ledge on the side of the famous rock. It's a fascinating story that you can see through a documentary film called, aptly, The Dawn Wall. I highly recommend it, even if you aren't into climbing - I'm not either!

Not sure what goes through the mind of a person who can stand facing this wall, basically where I stood to take this image, and think to themselves, "I need to climb that!" In some cases, I wish I had more of that - not so much the want to climb, but the want for adventure. This type of want has creeped into me over the last couple of years, but nothing like that of a rock climber or mountaineer who see these monoliths as a challenge! They're a unique breed, but I'm glad they're out there - they inspire me to do more with my life than sit on the couch!