The Winter I Miss - jimdenhamphoto

I often say that if I don't ever see another flake of snow that it would be alright. In general, the feeling is real, however, some of my favorite moments in picture taking were in the Minnesota winter.

Yes, it was cold, sometimes terribly so, and it was dry, but the landscape was incredibly photogenic and while I lived there, it seemed to be normal to be out in it and enjoying it.

This image is from Taylors Falls, MN, along the St. Croix River which played as the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin - you're looking at the Wisconsin side in the image. This place is beautiful in the summer, sure, but it took on a totally different face in the winter, especially when there was plenty of snow.

The fresh air on my face can still be felt. A bald eagle flew over while I was taking this. The walk down to the pier was a bit slippery, but so worth it. So cool to still be able to go back to that moment and, even though it was cold, it was awesome!

There's a lot I miss about Minnesota, winter being one of them. Well, I don't miss how it can stretch out into May sometimes - that will actually change your personality - but in general, I do miss it