Trace Creek Above the Falls - jimdenhamphoto

Trace Creek, Hickman County, TN, December 26, 2018

Sony A7II | Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 | Aperture: f/10 | ISO: 50 | Shutter Speed: 30 seconds | Focal Length: 20mm

The day after Christmas made my fourth trip to Trace Creek in Hickman County, TN. Normally, I focus on the waterfall because it's definitely the main part of the trip and, a couple of times, the water was so high that it covered the road above the falls, so exploring further up the creek wasn't really an option. This trip though, the water was low enough that I walked a pretty good distance back up the gravel road above the creek just to see what it looked like.

What I found was a pretty tame creek flanked by beautiful moss-covered rocks, trees and hills. In several spots. fallen trees crossed the creek. I'm sure it will look beautiful in the spring when everything greens up, but I seemed to like it the way it was here.