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Christmas time is pretty much a time for tradition in many families. Trees, decorations, turkeys, opening gifts on Christmas mornings, etc. These are the things that many of us cling to in the holiday seasons and what make them special to us. Our family has them, too, although not as definite as they used to be when I was a kid - getting older can do that right?

My twin brother Jerry (Mayor D) and I have started up a new (somewhat) tradition that has really made the holiday season special for us. When I got into photography back in 2009-2010, it triggered Jerry to get back into it - at one time, he was big into photography but had all but given it up for many reasons, My obsession with it spurred that love for it again. Ever since, when possible, we pick a day after Christmas and go out to take pictures together. 

Sharing this love of photography has been awesome for the both of us. We lived the first 26 years of our lives together, but we both had families and careers that we followed, creating a separation of sorts. Photography has given us a new connection - a passion we both have but can also share with the other. It's been amazing!

The new tradition continued this morning as we headed out before sunrise together, although things did not go as planned. Our plan was to go to the Buffalo River Resort in Lobelville, TN and shoot the river, but when we got there, the gates were closed and we were shut out. Fortunately, we were flexible and decided to head over to the waterfall at Trace Creek in Hickman County, which was only another 20 minutes away. We had been there back in May, but thought it would be cool to visit again.

It was.

Yes, we got a few good shots, and even though that's a feature of the trip, it is not the main thing. Jerry and I got to continue our tradition and be with each other, sharing this wonderful medium that we both love dearly. So grateful we can do this.

My favorite shot form the trip is shared here, of my brother, being my brother. I love the candid expression he has. It's very much him.

I love Christmas and all its traditions, but this has become a favorite. 

Technical Stuff:

Sony A6300

Sony E 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3

Aperture:f/6.3 | ISO: 6400 | Shutter Speed: 1/200 second | Focal Length: 210mm